Song School Latin Book 1 Online Practice

  • Song School Latin Book 1 Online Practice

Song School Latin Book 1 Online Practice


  • Want to try a free sample? Click here. This collection of online extra practice material corresponds with Song School Latin Book 1. This content is now included with purchase of either the Song School Latin Book 1 full program (streaming video) or streaming video only. You can also purchase it separately. These supplemental resources will take your students’ learning further while they’re having fun! The games, videos, and other activities will keep students engaged and will help further reinforce their new Latin skills. This supplemental content includes:

    • Flash Dash (Game): This fast-paced game will challenge students’ knowledge of vocabulary as they progress through the book, unit by unit.
    • Jungle Jump (Game): Students can practice their Latin words as they help Simeon collect all the bananas. Watch out for danger!
    • Jungle Journey Board Game: Students can print out and build their own board game to help them practice their vocabulary in a fun, new way. Students can collect more boards as they work through the book.
    • Coloring Pages: Download coloring pages for every new vocabulary word in Song School Latin Book 1. Students will enjoy coloring the pages and then hanging them around the room as they practice each week.
    • Lapbooks: Students can assemble their own lapbooks with coloring pages, cutouts, puzzles, and other hands-on activities to help them practice all that they’ve learned.
    • Little Moments Videos: Follow along with Nick as he uses all of the Song School Latin Book 1 words learning around his home and with his family.
    • More Videos: Watch more stories that feature Latin, including the classic tale "The Fox and the Grapes" and the not-so-classic version of "The 3 Little Pigs." And what are Sheepford and Oxley up to?
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