Learn more about award-winning classical curriculum from Classical Academic Press and mastery-oriented science curriculum from Centripetal Press below.

Classical Academic Press

Our mission is to produce and supply to today’s market the finest classical curricula and resources.

Our motto, “Classical Subjects Creatively Taught,” describes the essence of all that we publish. We seek to produce classical curricula and media with a clear design and structure and incremental and systematic instruction, all with a touch of delight, creativity, and flair. Learning should be fun and beautiful!

Centripetal Press

Classical Academic Press acquired Centripetal Press in January 2020.

Centripetal Press founder and author John D. Mays has identified three areas of focus that have proven to be true game changers for student academic achievement: Mastery, Integration, and Wonder. These three core principles are at the heart of all Centripetal Press textbooks. Centripetal offers physical science, earth science, physics and chemistry!

Questions? Please contact us at info@classicalacademicpress.com. We look forward to hearing from you!