Introducing The Curious Historian,
our new 3rd-6th grade history curriculum!

Our highly anticipated history curriculum, The Curious Historian, is launching in the spring! This brand-new, 4-level grammar-school series presents the study of history and culture from the beginnings of civilization (Mesopotamia and Egypt) through the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions of the modern world. Students will grow excited about history, see how people throughout the ages were both similar to and different from themselves, and learn to be scholars of the past who can make a difference in the future.

Structure of Our Series

There will be 4 levels in The Curious Historian series, each consisting of 2 semester-long texts. The Curious Historian Level 1A: The Early & Middle Bronze Ages will be published this spring, and The Curious Historian Level 1B: The Late Bronze & Iron Ages will be released in the fall.

The 4 levels will cover the following eras:

Level 1: The Ancient World (Available 2021)  

Book 1A: The Early & Middle Bronze Ages (the Egyptians and Mesopotamians) - Spring 2021

Book 1B: The Late Bronze & Iron Ages (the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Israelites, Assyrians, Persians, etc.) - Fall 2021

Level 2: The Classical World (Estimated Completion 2022)

Book 2A: Greece and the Classical World (Classical and Hellenistic Eras; the Far East) - Estimated Spring 2022

Book 2B: Rome and the Classical World (the Republic and Empire; the Far East) - Estimated Fall 2022

Level 3: The Medieval World (Estimated Completion 2023)

Book 3A: The Early Middle Ages (Migration Era and the Viking Age) - Estimated Spring 2023

Book 3B: The Late Middle Ages (Crusades and the High Middle Ages) - Estimated Fall 2023

Level 4: The Modern World (Estimated Completion 2024)

Book 4A: The Early Modern Era (Age of Discovery; Reformation and Enlightenment) - Estimated Spring 2024

Book 4B: The Modern Era (Age of “Revolutions”: Industrial, Scientific, and Political) - Estimated Fall 2024

Features of Our Series

+ Robust history curriculum with teacher support, supplemental resources, lively songs, and much more

+ Well-organized, chronological, and engaging narrative that fosters a love of history and helps students draw connections between ancient and modern civilization

+ Beautiful full-color text filled with rich details, historical timelines, and imagery of artifacts and artwork

+ Integration of history, culture, and geography

+ Wealth of exercises, hands-on projects and activities, and appendices 

“The twists and turns of history affect everyone alive today. The events of history have helped make you who you are! So, it’s good to know as much about the past as possible so that you can understand this wonderful, complicated world we live in."

—From the unit I introduction

Would You Partner with Us?

We are excited to see how The Curious Historian series will impact schools and teachers who are doing the important work of educating and developing lifelong learners through classical education. We hope you will consider partnering with us as we launch this brand-new curriculum!

Our Early Adoption Program provides you with the unique opportunity to use this delightful history curriculum while reaping huge benefits, including exclusive access to discounted pricing and free teacher resources, for your school each year.

Adopt early to receive the following benefits:

+ 30% off The Curious Historian Level 1A and Level 1B in 2021

+ A locked-in rate through 2025 of 30% off all 4 levels of The Curious Historian

+ FREE teacher's editions and archive packets (which include supplemental PDFs and unit songs) for each level every year*

*Limited to 1 free teacher’s edition and archive packet per classroom

Once you begin using The Curious Historian series, we want to know how the curriculum is working for your school, and to share your feedback with others! As part of the Early Adoption Program, we will check in with your school throughout the year via periodic phone calls and an annual survey. We value your experience and input!


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A Note on Our Timeline

The Curious Historian series is slated to be released on a schedule of 1 level (2 semester-long books) per year, from 2021 through 2025. Book A will be released in the spring, and Book B will be released in the fall. Please note that in the publishing industry, book projects can be ahead of schedule or behind schedule due to a variety of factors. We are working very hard to release all 4 levels in this series on schedule while meeting educators’ expectations with superior pedagogy and student results.

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