Individualized Learning Experiences

Self-paced lessons
with master teachers

Individualized Learning Experiences give students access to the expertise of a master teacher, at a fraction of the cost. With these on-demand lessons, students can learn whenever they want, from the comfort of their own home. Free up your schedule while your students train with our experts!

Featured Subjects


Explore wonders and principles of science with Novare Science founder John D. Mays.


Learn how to analyze the form and structure of deductive arguments.


Connect with new cultures as you learn how to speak Latin, Spanish, French, and Greek.


Practice the art of reading a poem closely and absorbing its beauty.  

"Individualized Learning is a fantastic opportunity for homeschool students. It allows them to learn from subject experts, authors, and educators, while working at their own pace." — Novare Science founder John D. Mays

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