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Join our team at Classical Academic Press, where the creativity and vision of writers, editors, web developers, designers, teachers, and administrators come together to inspire and develop classical subjects, creatively taught.

Here, you’ll do more than join a company — you’ll contribute value and vision, making significant contributions both to our team and to the world of Classical education.

We bring together talented, motivated, and inspired people to make amazing things happen.

Our employees are actively engaged in their churches and communities in Central Pennsylvania. Each member of the team brings unique talents, interests, and hobbies, as well as a passion for life-long learning no matter what their specialty. We’re looking for dynamic individuals to join and collaborate with our team, capture our vision, and make a significant impact.

Classical Academic Press strives to be an innovator and a fast follower, committed to creating and curating the finest academic resources across a wide range of course disciplines. Our company uniquely combines academic expertise, business acumen, and creative innovation to help a new generation of students rediscover the Western Tradition through Classical education.

Our customers live all over the world! We serve schools, churches, and educators across the United States, various countries in Africa, South Korea, Brazil, China, and many countries in between. We partner with numerous organizations ranging from classical Christian schools and charter schools to colleges and universities, as well as homeschooling families. Classical education has been growing in popularity since the early 1980s and continues to inform and shape the conversation about what good education is—and what it should be.

We have a variety of positions available. If you are a dynamic, motivated individual who is passionate about classical education, we’d love to hear from you!


Marketing Coordinator
The Marketing Coordinator will attract site traffic, convert that traffic into new leads, and nurture those leads to turn them into customers.

Front List Managing Editor (PDF)

The Front List Managing Editor will manage our front-list product lines, overseeing aggressive schedules and lots of moving parts to ensure that high-quality texts are produced on time as well as doing hands-on content and copy editing.

Interested candidates should e-mail a cover letter and resume to lgustafson@classicalsubjects.com.


Help Needed! We are seeking the following collaborators to review and/or write content for middle school and high school history curricula:

  • Grammar-school history teachers of Roman and medieval history
  • Scholars with a master's degree or PhD in Chinese or Indian history
  • Scholars with a master's degree or PhD in American history, particularly the era from the 1783 Treaty of Paris to The Compromise of 1876, with a knowledge of great works of prose, fiction, political theory, epic poetry, philosophy, autobiography, and drama pertinent to that era
  • Scholars with a master's degree or PhD in medieval history, with a knowledge of great works of prose, fiction, political theory, epic poetry, philosophy, autobiography, and drama
  • Scholars with a master's degree or PhD in Greek or Roman history with a knowledge of great works of prose, fiction, political theory, epic poetry, philosophy, autobiography, and drama


Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to editor@classicalsubjects.com.



If you have more than five years of experience as a full-time editor or designer for print publications, have read the information that we have shared under our “About Us” menu, and love what you see about Classical Academic Press, we would be glad to hear from you. Please email editor@classicalsubjects.com with a cover letter and resume so that we can consider placing you into our pool of freelance candidates for future projects.

Classical Academic Press (CAP) is a classical education curriculum, media, and consulting company. We are the product of years of brainstorming, conversations, thoughtful critiques, and application in private, public/charter, and homeschool classrooms. Our mission is to produce and supply to today’s market the finest classical curricula and resources. Our motto, “Classical Subjects Creatively Taught,” describes the essence of all that we publish.