The Novare Science Quick Start Guide

New to Novare Science? Start here! This Quick Start Guide will point you in the right direction and help make sure your first course is a success!



1. Read From Wonder to Mastery by John D. Mays. In this book, John explains, in detail, the signature mastery-learning model used in all Novare Courses, as well as the philosophy behind it.

2. If you are teaching a class or co-op, get our PDF Mastery-Based Teaching and Learning and share it with all the parents of your students. It explains how the cumulative assessments relate to mastery learning, and how students must study by routinely practicing prior learning.

3. Make sure you have the support resources you need.

Downloadable resources that come with a product, such as Teacher Notes or materials lists for a lab book, can be found in your My Library account. Other free downloadable support resources, such as the errata file for a text, can be found under the Support tab on the product page for the text.

Additionally, all courses have a Digital Resources download package containing teacher materials such as quizzes, tests, schedules, answer keys, and more. After purchasing this package, you can find the materials in your My Library account.

Most courses also have support resources like solutions manuals and experiments books. We will ship these items to you after we process your purchase.

4. Read the PDF about recommendations for teaching the course, found in the Digital Resources for each course. This file describes many of the details about support resources, text organization, suggested grading rubrics, class activities, and other course details.

5. If you are starting a course in grades 9–12, students should have a copy of The Student Lab Report Handbook. We introduce students to writing lab reports from scratch in 9th grade. This manual tells them how to do it well.

6. Take a few minutes to read the Teacher’s Preface in the text. The preface is rich with information about how Novare Science courses are designed and describes specific features pertaining to the course at hand.

7. If you need help, call us at 866-730-0711, email us at, or read over our FAQs page. Plus, check out the Novare Science Educator Support Group on Facebook. A large pool of educators, all of whom love lending a hand, hang out there.

Looking for more resources? We've got you covered! Explore Scholé Academy's Novare Science classes and ClassicalU's 3 teacher training courses presented by John Mays: Teaching Science Classically: 10 Essential Principles, The Science Mastery Workshop, and Science and the Symphony of Creation.