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Greek for Children Primer A Video & Audio




A yearlong course for grades 4 and up

Understandable, engaging, creative, and in-depth, the Greek for Children Primer A Program will introduce your students to Koine Greek. Why Greek? Like Latin, Koine Greek will aid students in critical thinking and help them to develop a strong understanding of grammar. Many English words are derived from ancient Greek, and students will especially see the benefits of learning Greek when studying science and medicine. Last, but hardly least, Koine Greek is the language of the New Testament, and the study of the original language will gradually unveil the richness, depth, and beauty of the New Testament message.

With the Greek for Children Primer A Video & Audio (or 4-DVD & 1-CD Set), your students will receive a one-on-one learning experience. They will enjoy learning with author Dr. Christopher Perrin as he teaches each chapter from Greek for Children Primer A, presenting clear, whiteboard grammar lessons given from a cozy office. Each lesson (average 20 minutes) corresponds to the weekly chapter in the student edition and features the chanting and singing of vocabulary and paradigms, along with clear grammatical explanations by Dr. Perrin. The actual text from the book appears on the screen as the material is presented, making it easy for students to follow along. This smooth, clear introduction to Greek will set your students on their way to learning Greek and reading the Greek New Testament. The streaming option provides the convenience of instant access, as well as desktop, smart TV, and mobile viewing capabilities. Streaming access lasts for the life of the product.

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Greek Alphabet Song (MP3)

Greek for Children Primer A Pronunciation Audio These zipped MP3 files provide chapter-by-chapter pronunciation for each memory page (which includes the chapter verse, chant, and vocabulary). Please note: the zipped file is 125 MB and may take several minutes to download. MP3 files can be used with most popular music players, such as iTunes. For help installing the files on iTunes, see this page.

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Grade Level: Grades 4 and up
Course Length: Yearlong (to be used alongside Greek for Children Primer A)
Width: 5.5in
Height: 6.5in

  • 4 DVDs with chapter-by-chapter training (average 20 min each lesson)
  • 1 Chant CD