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The Story of a Bad Boy


The Story of a Bad Boy (1870) is an entertaining novel in the “bad boy” genre, a precursor to Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Boys and girls (typically ages 8–15) will enjoy Thomas Bailey Aldrich’s semi-autobiographical account of his experiences as a boy growing up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The narrator of the book, Tom Bailey, turns out to not be such a bad boy after all, but he certainly enjoys some fun, pranks, and adventures growing up. The epic snowball battle on Slatter’s Hill will make everyone wish for a great snowstorm! Then there is an attempt to revive some old cannons on display in town . . .

This book was a favorite among children in the CAP offices, and we just had to release an audio recording of the book read by Dr. Christopher Perrin.

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