Homeschool Grade Kit (6th or 7th Grade)

  • Homeschool Grade Kit (6th or 7th Grade)

Homeschool Grade Kit (6th or 7th Grade)


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  • Grade 6/7 Kit Includes:

    Well-Ordered Language Level 4

    The Well-Ordered Language curriculum presents the study of language in a way that appeals to a child’s inborn curiosity and desire to collect, gather, and order. The curriculum presents grammar in a clear, orderly way, while simultaneously seeking to cultivate a child’s wonder of language by presenting instruction in the context of narrative and language, attractive illustrations, and samples taken from classic children’s literature and poetry.

    Students will not merely be able to identify the parts of a sentence, but also will understand how words behave in a sentence. As students see the components of language (the parts of speech) unfold before them throughout the Well-Ordered Language series, they will be able to apply their knowledge, gathering and arranging words to express their thoughts clearly and accurately.

    The curriculum is designed for teachers and students to actively engage with each other and with the grammatical concepts in each lesson, using language skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—along with physical movement, songs, and chants. Through Well-Ordered Language’s unique, creative, and orderly method of analyzing the grammatical functions of the parts of speech, students will find the mastery of grammar achievable, meaningful, and delightful. Kit includes:  Student Edition, Teacher's Edition, Extra Practice and Assessments (PDF), and Streaming Songs and Chants 

    Writing & Rhetoric

    The Writing & Rhetoric series is a step-by-step apprenticeship in the art of writing and rhetoric, in which our students will serve as apprentices to the great writers and great stories of history.

    Writing & Rhetoric 7: Encomium & Vituperation. What is an encomium and a vituperation? An encomium is a short essay praising the virtues of someone or something; a vituperation is a critical essay that reveals faults. In addition to guiding students through the writing of their own essays of praise and criticism, this book also leads your students step by step through a research project about a fascinating person. While students are learning about a remarkable life, they will also be learning how to learn. This research is achievable and the natural next step as students gain the skills of reading a variety of texts on a research subject, taking notes, creating an essay from these notes, and citing their sources.

    Writing & Rhetoric 8 Comparison: In Writing & Rhetoric Book 8, students will be writing well-crafted, six-paragraph expository essays comparing two subjects. Comparisons can be made between people, historical events, ideas, inventions, animals, foods—just about anything, really. The purpose of these essays is to analyze two subjects and use this comparison to demonstrate similarities and differences between them. In these essays, students will be making use of a range of writing skills.

    These two books are the seventh and eighth in a series of 12 books that will train students over 6 years, starting in grades 7 or 8 and up. Kit includes:  Books 7 & 8 Student Edition, Books 7 & 8 Teacher's Edition, Books 7 & 8 Streaming Audio Files.

    The Art of Argument

    The Art of Argument will teach students how to reason with clarity, relevance, and purpose . . . and have fun along the way! They will study and master 28 logical fallacies, which will provide an essential lifetime framework for filtering good and bad reasoning as well as writing and speaking effectively. This mastery of informal logic is a foundational subject by which other subjects are evaluated, assessed, and learned.