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Latin Alive! Book 2 Video & Audio

  • Latin Alive! Book 2 Video & Audio
  • Latin Alive! Book 2 Video & Audio
  • Latin Alive! Book 2 Video & Audio

Latin Alive! Book 2 Video & Audio


  • *Please note: the streamable audio files will be available in My Library upon purchase. 

    A yearlong course for grades 8 and up

    Latin Alive! Book 2 continues the relevant, rigorous, and incremental Latin instruction begun in Latin Alive! Book 1. The Latin Alive! series features original Latin writings, giving students access to the works of great Latin authors. As the second text in a three-year series, Latin Alive! Book 2 is an entry point to advanced grammatical studies. Author and teacher Karen Moore continues her excellent Latin instruction in the Latin Alive! Book 2 Video & Audio (now streaming format only). The video includes 27 lessons, each of which is an average of 40 minutes. This brings the total length of video to nearly 18 hours of instruction, all taught by an enthusiastic and delightful teacher! The audio recordings feature the unit review Latin readings by Nicholas Martin and Gaylan DuBose. These readings allow students to listen to each story so they can develop their listening skills and practice proper pronunciation and accent. The streaming option provides the convenience of instant access, as well as desktop, smart TV, and mobile viewing capabilities.  For Homeschoolers, streaming access lasts for the life of the product. Returning school customers continue receiving streaming access at no annual cost when student editions are purchased by October 31st.

    Buying for a school? The Latin Alive! Book 2 Streaming Video is a great tool for the classroom! It can be used as:

    • A helpful resource for new Latin teachers, both for themselves and for the class
    • A substitute teacher when the regular teacher is away
    • A helpful library item for new students or for students who need extra review
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  • Karen Moore, Author

    Karen Moore

    Karen T. Moore has served as the Classical Languages Chair at Grace of Georgetown, Tx. since 2002. During her years at Grace Academy she has taught Latin, Greek, Ancient Humanities, and assisted with curriculum development. Karen is also the author of several Latin books including the Libellus de Historia series, the Latin Alive! series (Classical Academic Press) and Hancus ille Vaccanis (Logos Press). She is a course lecturer with ClassicalU, an adjunct professor in Classics with Houston Christian University, and a board member with the ACCS Institute for Classical Languages. Karen holds a BA in Classics from the University of Texas at Austin and an MSc with Distinction in Classical Art & Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Karen and her husband Bryan are the proud parents of three Grace Academy Alumni. When not reading Latin literature, Karen can be found working in her garden, hiking with her family, or leading her students in adventures across Italy.

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    Latin Alive! Book 2 Errata (PDF)

    Latin Alive! Book 2 Suggested Weekly Schedule (PDF)

    Latin Alive! compared with Wheelock's Latin Document (PDF)

    Latin Alive! vs. Wheelock's Latin Table (PDF)

    Declension & Conjugation Worksheet (PDF)

    Roman Timeline Outline (PDF)

    Latin Alive! blog Author Karen Moore blogs about bringing this classical language to life.

    Latin Charts! Colorful and interactive Latin charts display the five noun declensions and the verb endings for present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect tenses. Each chart also lists the related Latin for Children and Latin Alive! chapters. Choose between colorful ready-to-go charts or cuttable interactive charts. The interactive charts are easy to color and, once cut, provide an excellent hands-on approach as students can assemble and reassemble the charts. Download the charts here: Colorful Ready-To-Go Charts - Interactive Cuttable Charts

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