New School Starter Kit

  • New School Starter Kit

New School Starter Kit


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  • Over $90 value!

    Quickly and easily advance your understanding of classical education with our School Starter Bundle! This exclusive bundle for school leaders and teachers features four printed books, two audio books, one digital resource packet, and a subscription to 50+ classical educator training courses on!

    The full bundle includes:

    • Making School Beautiful: Restoring the Harmony of Place
    • Introduction to Classical Education
    • A Student’s Guide to Classical Education: One Student’s K-12 Journey
    • Liberal Arts Tradition Third Edition
    • Liberal Arts Tradition Companion Files (Digital Resource)
    • Lost Tools of Learning Audio Book (MP3 Format)
    • The Seven Liberal Arts (MP3 Format)
    • ClassicalU 2-Month Subscription

    Making School Beautiful

    In Making School Beautiful, Dr. John Skillen draws out principles of campus design from the very liberal arts—rhetoric in particular—that shape our curriculum. His argument is that the rich intellectual, literary, and artistic heritage can inform not only what we teach but where we teach. From the campus layout to thoughtful design of rooms, buildings, and selected art, students and teachers can foster a love of learning, a care for their neighbors, and a desire for God.


    An Introduction to Classical Education

    This 45-page booklet is an ideal introduction to classical education that traces the history of classical education and describes its modern renaissance. The booklet also highlights the distinctive elements of the movement, including its emphasis on teaching grammar, logic, and rhetoric (the trivium); the role and benefit of classical language study; and the extraordinary achievements of students who are receiving a classical education. This engaging and conversational booklet includes anecdotes, diagrams, and charts, and is especially recommended to teachers just beginning their examination of classical education. It is also ideal for parent nights, potential parents visiting your school, recruiting events, or marketing your classical school!


    A Student’s Guide to Classical Education: One Student’s K-12 Journey

    Teachers and administrators will benefit from hearing the voice of a student who has completed the classical education pilgrimage! Follow Zoë as she travels from kindergarten to twelfth grade, studying grammar, Latin, logic, and rhetoric. Zoë describes the embodiment of classical education in assignments, relationships, and classrooms. Much more than charts, diagrams, and simple descriptions, this narrative will help bring the classical school experience to life.


    The Liberal Arts Tradition Third Edition

    The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education introduces readers to a paradigm for understanding a classical education that transcends the familiar 3-stage pattern of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Instead, this book describes the liberal arts as a central part of a larger and more robust paradigm of classical education that should consist of piety, gymnastic, music, liberal arts, philosophy, and theology. The Liberal Arts Tradition also recovers the means by which classical educators developed more than just intellectual virtue (by means of the 7 liberal arts) but holistically cultivated the mind, body, will, and affections. This is a must-read for educators who want to take a second big step toward recovering the tradition of classical education.


    The Liberal Arts Tradition Companion Files (Digital Resource)

    The Liberal Arts Tradition Companion Files offer a wealth of additional resources and tools that accompany The Liberal Arts Tradition. This digital resources include the following components:

    • Exclusive Liberal Arts Tradition Insights Video Playlist
    • PDF Resources
    • Headmaster's Guide for Using The Liberal Arts Tradition
    • Supplemental Training Video and PowerPoint Presentations


    The Lost Tools of Learning (Audio Book)

    In 1947, British scholar, playwright, and novelist Dorothy Sayers stood in an Oxford hall and delivered a speech that would become a catalyst of the current classical education movement. The Lost Tools of Learning is a flagship address presenting the tools that were given to students in the Middle Ages via the trivium, the study of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. For perhaps the first time, these trivium subjects were applied by Sayers to student's developmental stages. She also advocated the integration of subjects and explained that training students to learn on their own is the chief goal of education. Read by native Briton Victoria Twigg and introduced by Dr. Christopher Perrin, this rendition will give you the feel of being in the hall hearing Ms. Sayers herself.


    The Seven Liberal Arts (Audio Book)

    In his essay "The Seven Liberal Arts," Andrew Fleming West, former professor at Princeton College, traces the origin of the seven liberal arts, paying special attention to the thinkers who shaped their development: Augustine, Martianus Capella, Boethius, and more. This essay will give you a fundamental understanding of the seven liberal arts that have formed the foundation for classical education, both then and now. Originally published in 1912, this essay is now available as an exclusive audio MP3 recorded by Dr. Christopher Perrin.


    ClassicalU 2-Month Subscription

    ClassicalU is an online teacher-training platform that provides a clear path toward mastery for classical educators seeking to understand the classical tradition of education and teach with excellence. ClassicalU was launched in 2015 as a division of Classical Academic Press and has been gradually adding courses that feature veteran classical teachers, professors, and leaders who are gifted at training and inspiring others! Check out the full course library here.