Florida Approves CLT as an Accepted College Admissions Test

~ Written by Marissa Moldoch ~

In 2015, Jeremy Tate set out to revolutionize the standardized testing practices in the United States by creating the Classic Learning Test (CLT), an alternative to options like the SAT and the ACT. While the test has gained momentum in classical circles over the past eight years, it stayed largely hidden from the public's eye until last week, when Florida’s Board of Governors approved it as an accepted admissions test for all public universities.

This long-awaited decision marks a monumental day for both CLT and students across the state of Florida. With expanded options for admissions testing, young Floridians now have greater opportunities to showcase their academic potential and reach their college goals,” wrote the company.

Upon hearing the announcement, classical educators nationwide expressed well wishes for the team that works to “engage students with the thinkers and writings that have most meaningfully shaped our culture for the past two millennia,” according to the company’s website.

"From its inception, we have supported the development of the CLT as an excellent test superbly-suited for students receiving a classical and liberal arts education. Now that Florida has approved the test for all students in the state, we hope and expect that many other states will do likewise," says Dr. Christopher Perrin.

Joelle Hodge, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, offered a similar sentiment, saying, “Classical Academic Press is delighted to see the good work being done by the CLT to continue to advance and support the renewal of classical education. Congratulations to the entire team who worked to produce this important assessment tool. We wish them continued success as they venture more fully into the various educational sectors and respond to the needs and goals yet to come!”

Although the company has garnered attention for their college entrance exams, they also create assessments for younger learners, as Scholé Academy Director Joylynn Blake notes. “Scholé Academy and CLT have partnered to support homeschooling families by providing a good and beautiful measure of a child's achievement and aptitude. We are thrilled that this meaningful assessment is now available to a host of Florida families and schools!”

ClassicalU Director Jesse Hake also commended the company for this "exciting next step in bringing their assessment tool as an option to more students in America. It's encouraging to see the leadership of CLT in providing such increased visibility to the ongoing renewal of classical education.”

Want to learn how the Classic Learning Test differs from its competitors? Visit their website to see what makes it unique! Plus, stay tuned for information about our upcoming collaborations with their team.

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