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Assessment that Comforts

~ by Dr. Christopher A. Perrin~ I am about to depart for a retreat (the Alcuin Retreat led by the Alcuin Fellowship) during which several educators will be considering the topic of assessment. What should assessment look like for those of us homeschooling our...

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Experiencing Scholé with Littles: A Moment of Grace

~ by Joanne Schinstock~ While sitting at the breakfast table, my oldest daughter noticed a beautiful, bright-colored bird sitting on our backyard fence. This observation of what we soon discovered was an eastern bluebird led to a substantial time of contemplation and...

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Teaching Math Classically

~ by Grace Prensner ~ Like all classical subjects, mathematics should be taught with the aim of fostering students’ humanity. Too often mathematics is taught using a “factory” approach: Here is a theorem (never mind where it came from or what it really means),...

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Teaching from Rest, Two-Year Anniversary

August 2017 marks the two-year anniversary of the best-selling book Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace. We are very thankful to all who have contributed to the continued success of this book. Special thanks goes, of course, to Sarah...

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Teenagers and the Path to Self-Discovery

~ by Geeta Lalvani ~ When I was twelve years old, I, like many other young tweens and teens, thought that I knew everything there is to know about the world. In my case, my overconfidence was supported by my results from an online personality test called the...

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Learning English by Traveling in Another Language

~ by Dr. Christopher Perrin ~ Those of you who have traveled to a foreign country know how this works: No matter where you travel, you will learn a good deal not only about life in those countries but also about life in your own. I remember traveling to Belize years...

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C.S. Lewis and Classical Christian Education III

~ by Louis Markos~ In my previous post, I discussed how Lewis, in his book Out of the Silent Planet, the first installment of his Space (also called the Ransom, or Cosmic) Trilogy, frees his protagonist, Ransom, from his modernist prejudices and invites him into a...

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Dickinson, Commonplacing, and a Bump on the Head

~ by Emily Price ~ Wintertime brings anticipation and joy, especially during the seasons of Advent and Epiphany. But it also brings earlier sunsets and lower temperatures, with the dark and cold encroaching persistently upon each day. As daylight wanes, I feel life’s...

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The Economics of Attention

~ by Joelle Hodge~ I’m not one who gets a daily dose of social media. (No Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchats for me!) I prize my time (and my privacy) and venture online with purposeful intentionality. That’s not to say I reject all forms of digital media. I’m a big...

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