Extra Savings, Superior Service
for School Customers!

Extra Savings,
Superior Service for School Customers!

Why Choose Classical Academic Press Over a Reseller?

Why Choose Classical Academic Press Over a Reseller?

As you're preparing to shop for your curricula for the upcoming school year, you may be wondering: "Why should I purchase directly from Classical Academic Press instead of ordering from a reseller?" We're glad you asked! There are several reasons to buy straight from the source:

  • 20% discount on texts — we will exceed reseller pricing
  • Discounted UPS Ground/freight shipping
  • Digital content purchased one time only; no annual site licenses for digital content
  • We make sure you have the right edition of every text, every time!
  • Net 30 terms — please fill out this form
  • Tax exempt orders
  • Complimentary evaluation copies
  • Complimentary curriculum consultation with our friendly team of experts
  • Reserved stock for school customers
  • Educator training options, such as ClassicalU

What Is Classical Education?

  • A traditional education, beginning in the Mediterranean cultures of Greece, Rome, North Africa, and Western Asia, grounded in piety and theology
  • Involves the deep study of the 7 liberal arts —grammar, dialectic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music —which gives access to the Canon of the Great Books
  • Designed to cultivate the humanity of men and women, that they may be characterized by wisdom, virtue, and eloquence
  • Equips people to serve capably and humbly

Who Are We?

Classical Academic Press (CAP) is a classical education curriculum, media, and consulting company. We are the product of years of brainstorming, conversations, thoughtful critiques, and application in private, public/charter, and homeschool classrooms.

Our mission is to produce and supply to today’s market the finest classical curricula and resources. Our motto, “Classical Subjects Creatively Taught,” describes the essence of all that we publish (Latin, Logic, Writing & Rhetoric, Grammar, Greek, Spanish, Poetry, Literature Guides, and more). We seek to produce classical curricula and media with a clear design and structure and incremental and systematic instruction, all with a touch of delight, creativity, and flair. Learning should be fun and beautiful!

Featured Curricula


Designed for grades 3-6, Well-Ordered Language encourages students and teachers to actively engage with each other, and with the grammatical concepts in each lesson, using language skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—along with physical movement, songs, and chants.

The text's unique, creative, and orderly method of analyzing the grammatical functions of the parts of speech makes grammar mastery achievable, meaningful, and delightful.


Novare Science's textbooks bring middle and upper school students into the adult world of scienitfic inquiry. Written from a Christian perspective, all the content has been carefully culled, so that students can master the entire book in a normal academic year. The result is deeper learning of less material, but ultimately a superior science education.


Classical Academic Press offers a comprehensive study of logic that can and should be applied across the curriculum! From exploring the informal fallacies (everyday arguments gone wrong) in The Art of Argument, to using Aristotle's rules for testing validity in The Discovery of Deduction, our curricula will teach students in grades 7-12 to craft accurate statements, build valid arguments, and pursue Truth!

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