Latin Alive! Book 1 Digital Workbook (PDF)

  • Latin Alive! Book 1 Digital Workbook (PDF)

Latin Alive! Book 1 Digital Workbook (PDF)


  • Students and teachers can work through the exercises in Latin Alive! Book 1 with ease with the new Latin Alive! Book 1 Digital Workbook! In addition to providing ample space for students to fill in the answers for all of the exercises from the student text, this workbook supplies a clear 4-day schedule for each chapter; optional practice work, such as new fill-in-the-blank derivative exercises and extra sentences for parsing and translating; and tips for learning and memorizing the grammar taught in the student text. Answers for the derivative exercises and extra sentences for parsing and translating are provided in an answer key at the end of the PDF. Choose between three licenses (1–9, 10–19, or 20+ students)

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    The Latin Alive! series is a relevant, rigorous, yet engaging introduction to Latin for middle and high school students. This Latin curriculum will truly make the Latin language come alive both for students who have studied Latin (such as students who have completed the Latin for Children curriculum) and for those who have not previously been introduced to Latin.

     Written by experienced and enthusiastic Latin teachers, the Latin Alive! series provides complete Latin training that enables students to read and translate original Latin. The series features a unique blend of grammatical training and engaging reading of original Latin texts that will help maintain student interest and impart skill, capacity, and mastery. Where other curricula downplay training in grammar, the authors of this series have found a way to teach grammar so that students understand and enjoy it. The authors present Latin grammar in small, digestible sections that are clearly illustrated and explained. As students find success decoding and reading Latin, their pleasure will increase.

  • Page count: 378
    Version: 1.0 (coincides with version 3.0 of Latin Alive! Book 1)
    Copyright year: 2021
    Binding: N/A (digital-only product)
    Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" PDF