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Song School Spanish Book 2 Teacher's Edition

  • Song School Spanish Book 2 Teacher's Edition

Song School Spanish Book 2 Teacher's Edition


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  • A yearlong course for grades 2-3

    The Song School Spanish Book 2 Teacher's Edition includes:

    • The entire Song School Spanish Book 2 student edition content, along with answers and additional teacher's notes and tips.
    • Small Group Activities: These activities are designed to help students practice vocabulary and get used to speaking Spanish for a real task, such as asking a partner where he has hidden a game piece or conducting a survey of their classmates' interests. Variations for homeschool use with one or two students are provided for each Small Group Activity. Corresponding activity page printouts are included in the back of the teacher's edition and also available as a free PDF download (click the Support tab above).
    • Active Games: These games are designed as an opportunity to combine language acquisition with gross motor movement, which studies have shown leads to enhanced learning in preschool and elementary students. These variations of classic playground games are centered around the lesson's vocabulary.

    Song School Spanish Book 2 continues the engaging introduction to Spanish started in Song School Spanish Book 1. Each weekly lesson is peppered with songs, illustrations, handwriting practice, and activities for easy mastery and memorization. As the perfect bridge between Song School Spanish Book 1 and Spanish for Children Primer ASong School Spanish Book 2 gently and gradually introduces students to Spanish grammar, as well as new vocabulary, amply preparing students to move on to the next step of their Spanish language studies.

    Q: Can I still use Song School Spanish Book 2 if my students haven't completed Song School Spanish Book 1?
    A: Yes, you can! We recommend asking new students to listen to the Song School Spanish Book 1 pronunciation files (available for free on the Support tab of the Song School Spanish Book 1 product pages) for extra practice. Also regularly schedule review time for the whole class. For example, ask new students to spend two weeks listening to the Book 1 songs, then schedule a vocabulary review game for the whole class at the end of those two weeks.

  • Paperback

    ISBN: 9781600515064

    Pages: 352

    Dimensions: 8.5in x 11in

  • Julia Kraut, Author

    Julia Kraut

    A lifelong lover of studying language and culture, Julia holds a master’s degree in Spanish language and culture from the Universidad de Salamanca Cursos Internacionales (in Spain), and another in Études du monde anglophone (Anglophone cultural studies) from Aix-Marseille University in France. She also has BAs in international studies, theatre arts, and medieval studies from Pennsylvania State University, where she was a Schreyer Honors Scholar.

    After teaching Spanish in a K–8 setting, Julia married a Francophile and moved to France, where she taught English in elementary and middle schools and at the university level, all while continuing to study Spanish and Catalan, a romance language spoken in Andorra and parts of Spain. Out of all the classes she has taken, her favorite involved studying how Spanish evolved from Latin during the Middle Ages. As a researcher, she is particularly interested in how creativity and play affect learning, and in how our understanding of the past is meaningful to us in the present.

    Julia is also the author of the Spanish for Children series and the Song School Spanish series. Her children enjoy asking her to sing the “Sit on Your Silla Song” from Song School Spanish Book 1 to all their friends.

  • For placement recommendations and other questions, please see our FAQ page.

    Song School Spanish Book 2 Activity Printouts (PDF) This file contains all the printouts that correspond with the Small Group Activities and Active Games mentioned throughout the Song School Spanish Book 2 Teacher’s Edition.

    Song School Spanish Book 2 Coloring Pages (PDF) Color a picture for each Spanish word in Song School Spanish Book 2. Also a great activity for younger siblings!

    Song School Spanish Book 2 Pronunciation Audio (MP3)

    Song School Spanish Book 2 CD Track Info (PDF) This file contains all of the track names and song lengths

    Song School Spanish Book 2 Song Lyrics (PDF) This file contains all of the Song School Spanish Book 2 song lyrics.

    Song School Spanish Book 2 Suggested Schedule (PDF)

  • Published Reviews

    Customer Testimonials

    “My 2nd grader really enjoyed the activities, the worksheets, the songs . . . pretty much everything about this program! There was so much to like about this program. So much is done right!” —Jenni, homeschool mom and blogger

    “I really like the Teacher’s Edition. It is very easy to use. It has the student book replicated with all of the answers filled in, but also includes directions on how to teach or help your child learn certain words and concepts, and also has extra games and things that you can do with your child to help him learn and remember what is being taught.” —Tim, homeschool dad and blogger

    “I have a great curriculum to share with you. The girls have been having the best time learning Spanish with Song School Spanish from Classical Academic Press. I think you’ll like it too! We love this curriculum, and I was so very happy to discover that the program continues into the older grades, so we can continue with the same company. My girls are having fun with the lessons, and the material is challenging without being too heavy. . . . Satisfied customers right here. :)” —Laurie’s School Days